Fashion Week and Coffee Table Books


New York fashion week is quickly approaching!

Even as a young girl, it is always been something I’ve been obsessed with. Occasionally, I could catch a glimpse on TV or wait for the fashion magazines to share the highlights. Nowadays,  most designers live stream their shows so that gives pleasure to the masses (including myself)!

As simple or outlandish as these shows can be, it’s watching someone’s designs come to life in the fabric, accessories, and the music that is thrilling. All of it has my full attention!  Love it or not, it's walking art!

At Reserve, we have the most extensive selection of fashion based coffee table books. They are truly “show stoppers” inside and out.

Your home is a reflection of your own personal style. You may go with a classic look or a sleek contemporary style, whatever you choose it’s all your own. Entering your home, your personal style and design is what you have chosen to show on your own runway! Reserve has endless amounts of possibilities to help you decorate your space.

We would love to hear what styles and trends in fashion you are into, so leave a comment below and let us know! #funhappens



Daniel Davis4 Comments