For the Kids


OK parents, sadly or gladly, summer is nearing an end. With only three weeks left, we’re sure you’ve heard, “I’m bored,” or “I don’t have anything to do!” Don’t fret! Here at the Reserve, we have many fantastic, entertaining items to get you over the hump. After all ... this is where fun happens! 

We have a great selection of puzzles, crafts and build your own projects that will keep the kids entertained for hours. Also, you have to check out our vast selection of children’s books, ranging from beginner to intermediate reading levels. And of course, we cover all the classics, so your kiddoes can get through their summer reading and prepped for the new school year. We would love to hear what your little ones’ favorite summer reads have been this year!

Stop by the Reserve today and say hi soon! 



Daniel DavisComment