Orchid Arrangements

Oh, how we love to have a gorgeous orchid arrangement in our homes! But the fact is, these beautiful flowers don’t last as long as we’d like. We’ve tried adding ice, adjusting watering amounts, changing locations, just to try and make them last a little longer.


If you’ve been beset by orchid woes, we’ve got your solution! Reese and his mother, Ann, have done major research to locate the most life-like orchids and succulents, and we arrange them in magnificent ways, combined with gorgeous natural stones, such as various geode pieces and chunks of amethyst. These arrangements will last forever. Many of our customers ask, “How do you take care of these?” The answer: just find the perfect spot in your home and enjoy. Easy enough, right?

Each Reserve arrangement is unique and absolutely stunning, and there’s something to fit everyone’s size, price range and style. We even combine some arrangements with work from a certified taxidermist. We receive new arrivals weekly, too. Stop by the store and find the perfect piece for your home today!



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